The Kihā́mmic Advisory Council (Kihā́mmic: Lố Gehašā́n kihāmatī́zô šavklámô) was the consultative body to Kings of Kihāmát. The Council existed for the entirety of the Kingdom, between 1316 and 1638.

Though the Kingdom of Kihāmát was an absolute monarchy, the Kings were advised by the Council. The Council, and its Head, was appointed by the King himself and the number of Advisors appointed varied according to the time period. A table is provided below which shows the change in numbers.

Period Number of Advisors
1316 - 1340 63
1340 - 1358 74
1358 - 1417 59
1417 - 1561 66
1561 - 1630 50
1630 - 1638 25

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