State of Kihāmát
Kihāmátī kánš
Flag of Kihāmát (1955-1957)
Coat of Arms of Kihāmát (1955-1957)
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Kalā́
Anthem: Kalā́
Kihāmát (Google Maps)
Kihāmát on Google Maps
and largest city
Official languages Kihā́mmic
Recognised regional languages Kétassic, Kyánnic, Lôppic, Lower Fnórric, Upper Fnórric
Unofficial language Church Kihā́mmic
Ethnic groups (1957) Kihā́mmic (72%), Lôppic (9%), Kétassic (8%), Fnórric (7%), other (4%)
Demonym Kihā́mmic
Government non-partisan federal republic, provisional government
Deputy Chairman
Legislature Interim Parliament
• Unification
17 July 1316
• Republic
30 September 1638
• Communist state
27 August 1883
• Interim govt
28 September 1955
• Total
124,846 km2 (48,203 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 1957 census
• Density
31.5/km2 (81.6/sq mi)
Currency horá (ʜ) (KAH)
Time zone Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC-8)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +77

The State of Kihāmát (Kihā́mmic: Lố Kihāmátī kánš), usually referred to in English as the Kihā́mmic Interim Government, was the interim government that existed during Kihāmát's transition between Communist Federation and today's Socialist Republic. In Kihā́mmic this provisional régime is often called Lố nīnónsī tsúnikī kánš or the Black Flag State. This democratic and neutral government was established by the leaders of the Black Flag movement that was the main driving force behind the Libertarian Revolution.

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