Kihā́mmic Socialist Party
Lákhû kihāmatī́zī aguntokôvanatī́zī
President Īzván Rátkan Yôfánī-Mā́rī
Vice President Rikárdô Manû́el Fernándī-Láûrī
Founded 1843
Ideology libertarian socialism, Marxism, communism
Political position far left (economic)
far left (social)
Official colours red, yellow
National Parliament
35 / 133
21 / 30

The Kihā́mmic Socialist Party (sometimes referred to as the KSP) is a major political party in Kihāmát. The party has the largest number of seats in the Kihā́mmic National Parliament, holding 35 of the 135 seats. The party's current president is also the current Premier of Kihāmát, Īzván Rátkan Yôfánī-Mā́rī. The Socialist Party was founded in 1843 during the late Kihā́mmic Republic, the party was officially disbanded during the non-partisan Communist Federation but then reformed in the late 1950s.

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