Kihā́mmic currency
ISO 4217 code KAH
User(s) 22x20px Kihāmát
1/500th laktá
Symbol ʜ, ʟ
Coins 1ʟ, 2ʟ, 5ʟ, 10ʟ, 20ʟ, 50ʟ, 100ʟ, 200ʟ, 400ʟ, 1ʜ
Banknotes 2ʜ, 5ʜ, 10ʜ, 20ʜ, 50ʜ, 100ʜ
[[Wikipedia:|]] Ministry of Banking and Finance of Kihāmát
Printer National Bank of Kihāmát

The horá (symbol: ʜ; ISO code: KAH; IPA: [hɒˈɾa]) is the official currency of Kihāmát. The horá is subdivided into 500 laktámī (symbol: ʟ; IPA: [lakˈta]; singular: laktá, see below for use with numbers). 1ʜ is currently equal to approximately £4.169 and 1ʟ equal to around £0.008338. When horamá and laktamá are used together the "ʟ" is dropped. For example, 17 horámī and 61 laktámī is written as 17ʜ61. Where a comma would be used in English with pounds a space is used with horamá. For example, one thousand pounds is written as £1,000 but one thousand horámī is written as 1 000ʜ.


The word "horá" comes from the Ancient Kihā́mmic word "ȟoráǩ" (IPA: [çɒɾax]), meaning "metal" (the modern word is "táus"). This is because the coins with the most value were made from metal. The word "laktá" is related to the Modern Kihā́mmic word for "wood", which is "lágd", since the lower value coins were originally wooden rather than metal.

Use with numbers

In Kihā́mmic the genitive case in the singular is used between one and nine, after which the genitive plural is used. The genitive plural is also used after zero. Hence: "1 horī́", "2 horī́", "9 horī́", "10 horámī", "100 horámī" and "1 láktī", "2 láktī", "9 láktī", "10 laktámī", "100 laktámī" et cetera, but "the horá" and "the laktá". However, in English the Anglicised plural forms "horás" and "laktás" are usually used as are simply "horá" and "laktá".



There are ten different value Kihā́mmic coins:

  • 1ʟ (£0.01)
  • 2ʟ (£0.02)
  • 5ʟ (£0.04)
  • 10ʟ (£0.08)
  • 20ʟ (£0.17)
  • 50ʟ (£0.42)
  • 100ʟ (£0.83)
  • 200ʟ (£1.67)
  • 400ʟ (£3.34)
  • 1ʜ (£4.17)


There are six different values of Kihā́mmic bank notes, though the three highest value notes are seldom used.

  • 2ʜ (£8.34)
  • 5ʜ (£21.85)
  • 10ʜ (£41.69)
  • 20ʜ (£83.38) [rare]
  • 50ʜ (£208.46) [rare]
  • 100ʜ (£416.91) [rare]

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