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Kinetic Magic

With kinetic based magic, or kinetamagia, the spell is activated automatically based on a physical action the spell can track. Examples include spells that activate with a wave of the hand, shield spells that activate when an incoming projectile is detected, spells that strengthen and facilitate movement when it senses the bearer’s muscles contracting, spells firing projectiles in the direction one is pointing with his finger, etc. Kinetic magic requires the spell be able to sense movement, and usually requires the spell be able to sense relative position and direction without having to be manually orientated or positioned by the user. The ability to respond automatically to events gives the wielder of kinetic magic a tremendous advantage over the wielder of ritual magic. Spells can be designed to recognize specific kinds of stimuli, such as movement at particular distances or velocities, movement of particular body parts, etc; as well as recognize where everything is, so that it can act accordingly. For example a spell to render one invisible has to be able to recognize how light is moving and where the person to be cloaked is located, as well as the positioning of the body parts. One's bodily movements are converted into spells by an interpretation enchantment (charmase) for words, called a actionase.

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