King's Loyal House Regiment
Founded 1822
Country Kingdom of Washingtonia
Allegiance King of Washingtonia
Size 1,500 active personnel
Headquarters Army Base Foundersville
General in Chief King Randall I
Commanding Officer Colonel Vincent Dillon

The King's Loyal House Regiment (commonly the House Regiment, LHR) is a special division of the Washingtonian Army established specifically to be the protection service of the Royal Family and top level government facilities and persons. The House Regiment was created in 1822 by King George II, making it the oldest continuous military unit within the Kingdom.

George II had since his ascent to the Throne suspected that there's room for a military takeover of the government, thus gathered many of his closest friends within the middle ranks of the Army to establish a semi independent unit serving at the direct pleasure of the King. The House Regiment was subsequently established and became the principal division protecting Foundersville from attack. The House Regiment's most notable engagement was in the opening hours of the Washingtonian Civil War, when it fought with Concord militia at Wallfrey Keep, and subsequently lost the battle. It also played a very large role in securing the safe passage of to be King Brandon I from the capital to a safe location.

Since the end of the Civil War, however, the House Regiment's size has been significantly reduced in respect of the 1913 Constitution's provisions for the President to be the principal Commander in Chief (although the King remains the General in Chief) of the military. The House Regiment now consists of around 1,500 personnel, including the country's most decorated soldiers, veteran detectives and support staff. The militant wing's troops are chiefly stationed at government headquarters throughout Foundersville, most notably at Assembly Hall, the Presidential Residence and Government House. The bulk of the LHR is, however, assigned to the Royal Palace and the Royal Family's various other properties throughout Washingtonia.

The current commander of the LHR is Colonel Vincent Dillon, and its headquarters located at Army Base Foundersville.

Responsibilities and mission

The LHR, although part of the Army, is by medium of its commanding officer, directly responsible to the King. Its main mission, since its establishment, has been to protect the King physically. This mission, however, has evolved, and today, the LHR must:

  • Protect the physical integrity of the King, the Royal Family and the President.
  • Investigate and eliminate any threats to the safety of the King, the Royal Family, and the President.
  • Protect and safeguard the facilities necessary for the continuation of the Monarchy and the Kingdom.
  • Deploy, when requested, to protect the interests of the Monarchy and the Kingdom.




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