King's Loyal Prosecuting Service
Logo of the KLPS
Criminal prosecutions agency overview
Formed 11 May 1932
Jurisdiction Washingtonia
Headquarters Justice Center, Foundersville
Agency executive Laura Tolbert, Prosecutor General
Parent agency Ministry of Justice

The King's Loyal Prosecuting Service (KLPS, also commonly known as the Prosecuting Service) is the Kingdom of Washingtonia's government agency charged with criminal prosecutions. It is led by the Prosecutor General, the generally-regarded second highest authority (after the Attorney General) in the Ministry of Justice, currently Laura Tolbert, the first female to occupy that office. The Prosecuting Service was established by the Criminal Prosecutions Act of 1932, which was enacted on 9 May 1932 (the first office was opened two days later).

A prosecuting office is located at each geographic Provincial Court, led by a Head Prosecutor. Lead Prosecutors deal chiefly with more severe crimes, while Senior and Junior Prosecutors (both simply known as Prosecutors) deal with less severe crimes. The KLPS has over 600 employees, of which 150 are prosecutors.

Legal basis

Main article: Criminal Prosecutions Act of 1932



The Prosecuting Service is a centralized body which is administratively divided between ten offices - the headquarters at Justice Center in Foundersville, offices at each of the five South Island Provincial Court locations and those at each of four North Island Provincial Court locations. Each of the offices are led by a Head Prosecutor, who is appointed by the Prosecutor General.

The Prosecutor General herself is appointed by the President in consultation with the Attorney General. No legislative confirmation is required.

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