King's Loyal Washingtonian Police Department
Law enforcement agency overview
Preceding agency • Constable for the Territory of North Island
• Constable for the Territory of South Island
• Constable for the Chanel Islets Territory
• Constable for the Washington Bay Territory
• Constable for the Beauchemin Islets Territory
Jurisdiction Washingtonia
Headquarters National Police Headquarter, Foundersville
Agency executive Bradley Trumphaus, Commissioner
Parent agency Ministry of Justice

The King's Loyal Washingtonian Police Department (WPD) is the national police service of the Kingdom of Washingtonia. The Department was established in 1935 by the Law Enforcement Act, replacing the five independent territorial constabularies which existed throughout the nation between 1914 and 1935. Before the territorial constabularies, in Washingtonia's absolute monarchist period, the military enforced law and order through the Justician General.

The WPD is led by a Commissioner who is appointed by the President on advice from the Minister of Justice, whose ministry the Police Department falls under. After appointment, the Commissioner must be confirmed by the Grand Washingtonian Assembly's Committee on Community Safety, and if confirmed, is directly responsible to the President and Minister. The Commissioner is supported by the Deputy Commissioner and two Assistant Commissioners, who lead the North- and South Island divisions respectively. The Deputy- and Assistant Commissioners are also appointed by the President, with advice from both the Minister of Justice and the new Commissioner. They need not be confirmed by the Grand Assembly. The Department is headquartered in the National Police Headquarter, in Foundersville, North Island.


Pre-civilian policing

Territorial constabularies

Washingtonian Police Department




Departmental management

  • Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Assistant Commissioner

Regional management

  • Regional Chief Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Deputy Inspector

Local management

  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant

Field ranks

  • Constable
  • Officer I
  • Officer II
  • Cadet


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