King Charles Islands

Map of the King Charles Islands

Philsby Island

Philsby Island

The King Charles Islands are a group of four islands located in the upper polar region of the world. These islands are administered by Cymbrania and are officially a territory. The population on the territory is 2,368 as of 2011.


The King Charles Islands consists of four islands: King Charles Island, Philsby Island, Nordberg Island and Astling Island. The main settlement on the islands is Charles Town, with a permanent population of 95. Philsby and Nordberg form the Polar National Park, the northernmost park in Cymbrania. Astling serves as a base for the Royal Cymbranian Navy. The highest point is Gallup Peak, a 2,900m mountain on Philsby Island.


The islands were first discovered by explorer Robert Foster in 1704, who attempted to reach the north pole. He named the islands after King Charles II of Cymbrania. In 1711 Anthony Philsby visited the islands and officially claimed them for Cymbrania. The islands served as a whaling station from the 1740s onwards. In 1786 the first permanent settlement was founded by Nordlanders. They named the town Carlshaben; it is now known as Charles Town. In the 1800s there was conflict between Nordland and Cymbrania as to who actually owned the islands. In 1845 Nordland sold all interests in the islands for Cne. 500,000 in gold, which was a huge sum at the time. During the Great War (1946-1953) the Vistanians invaded the islands and established a weather monitoring station, The native population was evacuated and 25 soldiers were placed on King Charles island. In 1949 a particularly cold winter struck the islands, with the weather dropping to -43 Fahrenheit. 19 soldiers died from the cold and frostbite and a supply plane crashed on Philsby Island. After the war's end none of the Vistanians survived and the island was returned to Cymbrania. In 1978 a Royal Cymbranian Navy base was placed on Astling Island.


The climate on the islands is very harsh. The average temperature during the winter months is about -22 Fahrenheit and in the summer it can go up to 6.


The islands are governed by a Consul appointed to represent Her Majesty on the islands. He presides over the local legislature, comprised of 20 elected citizens.


The economy of the King Charles Islands is small but important. The largest natural resource is gold, which accounts for a bulk of the economy. The islands' currency is the Crown, valued at a 1-1 ratio with the Cymbranian Crown. Coins are issued in amounts of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 pence and 1 crown, and notes in the amounts of 5, 10, 20 and 50 crowns.

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