King Kfaran I

1st King of Kfar
Reign 629YBU-591YBU
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded By King Kfaran II
Born 662YBU Lapesk, Marik, Kfar
Died 591YBU Lirain, Lirekin, Kfar
Burial 591YBU Lirain, Lirekin, Kfar
Religion Mokaz
Spouse Lady Senna Kfaran
Mother Lady Maria Asket
Father Lord Asket
Children Asket, Karos, Maleno, Ria, Lera, Karena
Religion Mokaz

King Kfaran I (662YBU-591YBU) was a revolutionary, a military leader and the first King of The Kingdom of Kfaran. Kfaran was the only son of Lord Asket and Lady Maria Asket (after which the Kingdom of Maria is named). He was born in the town of Lapesk, in the Stesa region of the Mokazmen nation.

Kfaran's father, Lord Asket, was in charge of the Stesa military and nephew of King Kastran, King of the Mokazmen.

Kfaran is well known for his defeat of the Mokazmen in the Battle of Vasenheight (629YBU) which ultimately results in King Kastran giving Kfaran control over the Stesa region.

Early Life

Kfaran was born to a wealthy family in East Lapesk. From age six to age 15 he was privately tutored in science, language, military tactics and religion.

At only 15 years old, he married Senna, who was only 13. Senna was the daughter of a wealthy Mokaz preacher. When Kfaran was 18, they had twin boys, Asket and Karos.

Through his early life, Kfaran was very interested in the idea of ruling Mokazmen.

Death of Lord Asket

In 643YBU, Kfaran's father became ill, and passed leadership of the Stesa military to Kfaran, aged just 19. In 642YBU, he passed away.

Stesa was one of the most powerful regions of Mokazmen militarily, and Kfaran began recruiting farmers to join it. In 637 Kfaran's mother died, and he decided he would not wait any longer. He gathered the Stesa military, and attacked the Mokaz capital. Attacks continued between Mokazmen but little was won on either side, until the Battle of Vasenheight in 629YBU. Kfaran won, and the Mokazmen military suffered severe military. The king of Mokazmen agreed to give Kfaran the Stesa region, in return for peace. Kfaran agreed, and the Kingdom of Kfaran was formed.

Rule of Kfar

Kfaran ruled Kfar peacefully from 629YBU to his death in 591YBU, when it passed to his grandson, Kfaran II.

Between 630YBU and 624YBU, Kfaran had 4 children with his wife. In 610YBU, Kfaran married his 14-year-old daughter, Karena to Djanos, son of the King of Mokazmen. This created a new era of peace between the nations.

Kfaran died in his sleep from an unknown cause, aged 71.

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