Malta I
High King of the Great Kingdom
High King
Coronation 1 August 2297
Predecessor Coreto Cazz
Heir apparent Samz, Prince of Cerberussia
Prime Ministers

Kansu Bresull (2297-2304) Kyrios Rohu (2304-2311)

Amrais Rohu (2311-2313)

Samz, Prince of Cerberussia

Sonia, Princess Royal

Sanford, Prince of Shyatland

Prince Parks, Hux of Bojruk

Prince Pierce, Hux of Srongep

Prince Endru, Rohu of Tampreuer

Princess Patricia

Princess Prada
Full name Hendy Victorius Kaesarus "Malta" Tiekspi
House House of Tiekspi
Father Hendry I
Mother Sasha Lotov-Ficius

16 June 2267

Sakkar, Beje, Great Kingdom
Religion Church of Paangoon

King Malta II (Hendy Victorius Kaesarus "Malta" Tiekspi; born 16 June 2267) is the constitutional monarch of 5 sovereign states, known as The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon. He is the Highest Supreme Archfather of The Church of Paangoon and, in some of his realms, carries the title of Fidei Defensor as part of his full title.

Accesion and Deccesion

On his accesion on 1 July 2313, Hendy become Head of the Great Kingdom. During 2313, his health declined and Samz, Prince of Cerberussia frequently stood for him at public events. On the morning of 30 August, Hendy was discovered dead in bed at Bahkankat Palace in Bungii. He died naturally in his sleep at the age of 46. His son Samz flew back to Stormster from Bungii as High King Samz.