Osold I (216 BTW - 143 BTW), also known as the First King was Dalunian King from 187 BTW to 143 BTW. The exact dates of his rule is however unknown. It is also unknown who his parents were, besides that his father was the leader of Cillet's most respected clan) however, he was born in the town of Cillet, which consisted of roughly 200 people in comparison with today's 15,000. Legend has it that Osold, along with sixty others, left Cillet before a rival village, also unknown, attacked and massacred all the inhabitants of the town. Cillet was thrown into chaos pending the attack, and torn between two groups, of which the larger one, including the village's leader, wanted to remain in the village and fight, and the smaller one, Osold and his group, who wanted to leave and seek a new beginning.

Osold made contact with the people of an unorganized village and founded the village of Lyrasia on the Westerhaven Plain, three months after he and his people left Cillet. News of the devastating aftermath of the attack reached them more than a year after that. Lyrasia, which was inhabited for many years by the people of Cillet became a prominent location on the Westerhaven Plain and and Indand because of the people's mastery of trade and business.

Roughly in the year 187, Lyrasia achieved a population of five thousand, making it the largest and most populous known settlement of its time. Many other neighboring villages and towns were effectively absorbed by the prosperous, expanding Lyrasia. Because of this increase in population and many new resources, Osold bought entire towns and villages in the Westerhaven Plain, and called the territory Dalun, after the world's most used language, Dalunian. This was seen as the founding of the Kingdom.

Soon the people began referring to Osold as "King," which led traveling merchants from far to believe Dalun was in fact the "Kingdom of Dalun." Less than three years after that, it was made official, Osold and his advisers also calling Dalun "the Kingdom."

Osold ruled Dalun for his entire life, however, towards the end thereof, the kingdom was divided between his two sons, Tiberius and Jasyn, who were both competing for the throne. The war ended on Turdas, 2nd of Mid Year, 137 BTW, when the Council of Yarls decided that Osold II will take his father place as King. Osold I died in 143. Yolanda, Osold II's sister, remained faithful to the realm throughout the entire war. Osold II and Yolanda formed House Westerling.

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