King William II

5th King of Nanteos
Born Crowe's Nest
Family Sparrow Family
Preceded By King George I
Religion Kabbalist

King William II was the fifth King of Nanteos and the first king in the Sparrow Family. He took the throne after the death of his father-in-law King George I.

Early Life

King William II was born in the city of Crowe's Nest as Sir Jack Sparrow. He was orphaned at an early age with would have a major effect on him throughout his life. He joined the Navy shortly after completing his primary education.

After proving great skill as a sailor he was advanced through the ranks and finally given the rank of Admiral, shortly before the 1st Avalonian War. In the middle of the war he would be named Marshall of the Nanteon Military by King George I.

Heir to the throne

After marrying the king's daughter, Queen Elizabeth, Sparrow was named heir to the throne by Royal Proclamation. He was immediately recognized as a huge political figure. He was rumored to have embezzled money to political candidates and was said to have had a hand in Crowe's Nest's organized crime. As King George I slowly became ill the heir seemed to have more and more power. He would finally take the throne and change his name to King William II.


King William's early days as king would be productive, because his good friend, Jacob Kilkenny, won the Chancellery race. This would mean he would enact his policies very well. However, their relationship was viewed with suspicion which would give rise to the election of Sir Allistar Hyatt.

Although it appeared that the king and Allistar would be at ods they became great friends. This friendship was very fruitful when the king moved to protect the citizens of Deeland from being attacked in the Calvert Civil War. On the day of Allistar's death the king was said to be visible upset and asked for it to be declared a national holiday.

End of Life

At the end of his life King William II became very paranoid. He moved his family to Castle Greystone and declared it the new royal residence. Upon his death his son King William III would take the throne by royal proclamation.

Kings of Nanteos
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