King William IV

Current King of Nanteos
Born Nanteos
Family Sparrow Family
Preceded By King William III
Religion Kabbalist

His Royal Highness King William IV is the 7th and Current King of Nanteos. He received the throne upon the death of his father King William III. He is a member of the Sparrow Family and is currently 26 years old.

Peronal Life

King William grew up in Nanteos at Greystone Castle, the royal residence. He was born during the Chancellery of Fraid White. He was adored by the public at an early age. As the only child of King William III and Queen Jennifer he was a natural choice to take over the throne. The King is current un-married.

Royal Reign

King William IV is the only King not to take an active role in the foreign affairs of the Kingdom. He instituted the Simmian Doctrine giving the Chancellor of Nanteos power to negotiate in his stead. Many have theorized as the king grows older the doctrine will be reversed.


Although most Nanteons consider it disrespectful to talk ill of the royal family, the current king is known for being a philander. A fact the royal family tries to keep out of the national media at all costs.

Kings of Nanteos
Jacob the Painted King Marcus I King William I King George I King William II King William III King William IV

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