Kingdom of Arabia
Location of the Kingdom of Arabia (PC07)
Capital Riyadh (political)
Mecca (religious)
Largest city Riyadh
Government Unitary Islamic monarchy
• Diet
Consultative Assembly
Currency Riyal

The Kingdom of Arabia (commonly Arabia) is a country encompassing the entirety of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Iraq, Jordan and Egypt to the north, with the Red Sea to its west, the Persian Gulf to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Arabia has an estimated population of X, with its political capital in Riyadh, and its Sunni Islam religious capital in Mecca.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, once the Persian Empire was formed, feared it may be at risk of invasion (since Saudi-Iranian relations were relatively hostile), and almost immediately annexed Yemen and Oman. The United Arab Emirates, which was at the time engaged in a war against Saudi Arabia along with the Allied States, was quickly defeated and annexed. Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait followed by joining the new Kingdom relatively peacefully. This all occurred in early November 2012.

Today, the Persian Empire and the Kingdom of Arabia are close allies. Together they have formed the Middle Eastern Coalition, a military alliance to combat Western imperialism. Arabia has the world's second largest natural gas reserves, after the Persian Empire.

The war between former-Saudi Arabia, former-Pakistan and the Allied States continues, at a much elevated level than it was before the formation of the two new Middle Eastern countries.