The Kingdom of Calvary (Arabic: مملكة الجمجمة ), officially the United Kingdom of Calvary & Southern Ummah is a island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean, which occupies the northern Calvary Island, the central island of Xavier County and the Southern Ummah Islands, which compose of the former main Slave Islands (Arabic:جزيرة العبيد ). Calvary is home to many ethical groups, with the northern islands processing a majority of decendents of the early Swedes, Geats, and Gutes whom colonized the isolated island in 872 from Viking exploration. In 901, Ashour II a wealthy Berber from costal Morocco, brought a army of 2,453 men which conquered all the islands by year 913. Ashour eventually began the slow process of enslaving the people of the island. In 983, Abdulrahman lead the Northern Island Revolt after religious conversion too Christianity from meeting a Roman Catholic priest named Father Xavier Miller, and eventually would be baptized with the non-slave name which he chose to honor Miller, as Xavier. In 1000 AD,  Xavier founded the Kingdom of Calvary, and would continue to fight against the still slave practicing islands to the south, where 4 million ethnic Swedes and Gutes were still enslaved. Calvary, became involved with the Crusades would eventually be pushed into numerous wars, and lead the Invasion of the Slave Isles in 1915, which under King Oscar II successfully united all the islands of the Kalvarian Chain by 1923.

Among the Western world, and that of Europe, Calvary is one of thee most impoverished. Economic inequality skyrocketed after 1924, when the Southern Ummah Islands joined the Kingdom and continues to this day, where the mostly Arabic and Berber populates in the Ummah boost high quality of living standards and generate almost 62% of the nations business ventures. In 1934, King Isaiah reformed the political system of the Island from a absolute monarchy to a highly empowered constitutional monarchy. With reform came a newly dominate political party system, which caused even more ethnical divide among the south and north, in the Ummah Islands, the Islamic Popular Front dominates and generates nearly 32% of the national votes. In the north, two political groups battle each other for party allegiance, the more secular but economically liberal Party for Social Justice and the more religiously conservative but socialistic Democratic Nationalist Party of Calvary.


Xavier's Revolt (983 - 987)

Crusade Period (989 - 999)

Foundation Period (1000-1056)

Government & Politics