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The Grand Territories of the Holy One's Country
KoG flag
Part of The Multiversal Chronicles
Demonym None
Tier level Tier 1+
Kardashev Scale Tier III, IV to lower V at some worlds
Size (9th Era) Omniverse
Core galaxy Maelstrom
Population (9th Era) Countless
Notable for

Benevolent (after countless evolutions) theocratic empire
Member of G30
One of South-Southwestward EUROPA dominant power
Pan-multiverse superpower

Political information
Government Mago-theocratic constitutional aristocracy
De facto theocratic polygalactic alliance
Ruler The Holy One
Ruling body The Eternal Conclave
Policy none
Previously had derived mostly from ancient European crusades styled.
Founding members Various religious communities, with the majority from Western Europe and European Russia.
Current ruler Bell Cranel from the world of Danmachi
Societal Information
Archetype Zealots. Warriors
Capital world Amiternum
Capital city Boreana
Alignment Lawful neutral
Military Rigius Order (de facto)
Currency Frokso
Location West-Southwestward EUROPA
Current status Badly damaged. Recovering

The Grand Territories of the Holy One's Country, also known as the Holy Realms of the Undying Land, normally called Kingdom of God or Holy Realms , is a sovereign star nation in EUROPA. The only theocratic empire among the EUROPA superpowers, the Kingdom lies along South-Southwestward space, standing between various minor nations - some are independent, others are vassal or client states of other great powers - on North-Southward, the Lusophonia & its seven lesser client states, the Ambracia's borderline worlds, the Iberia and several much smaller galactic nations along Westward, the Baltland, the Castra Devana, the Ederon, the Geneva and hundreds of independent civilizations along the Eastward space. The galaxy Maelstrom, heavily stacked by Dyson swarms, served as the Kingdom's core system. With 4,655,527 trillinillion citizens in EUROPA only, and adherents throughout prime universe, the Kingdom is EUROPA smallest superpower, but the largest magotheocratic civilization known to men. The Kingdom had since then badly damaged by both the last war and several millennia of albeit relations with all great empires in EURAPAC space, before the reform, but  determined to regain their glory in recent eras.

Like every known theocratic civilizations, the Kingdom had their foundations from religions; rather rare in the time of universal-fanned expansions. Having evolved from various religious-bending communities along Southward space, some were formerly colonies of Lusophonia, Iberia and Royal France, the Kingdom slowly expanded borders, taking advantage of chaotic times during Lusophonia-France War in 9806 PT, 4th era, when both empires were occupied by their own foolishness. Forming a theocratic civilization in the ages of great explorations and colonizations of space wasn't easy; and various first generations of both leaders and those who allied with the Kingdom had faced great obstaches, being frown upon by majority. Several star nations, including the Lusophonia, the Royal France and their allies, had deployed embargoes and blockades against the new polity, blaming them for trying to bring back some of the darkest chapters in human history pre-Event. The most irony of all was all such challenges and aggressiveness did change the Kingdom into exactly the position those empires blamed: To ensure their security and survival, from a peaceful thenocratic civilization, the Kingdom had by 5th era became a feudal militaristic theocratic empire, small in size and influence, but not in ambition. Within 5 millennia in 5th era, from 3363 PT to 8776 PT, the Kingdom of God had challenged the dominating powers of Royalist France, Iberian and Lusophonic interstellar empires through series of proxy wars and small-scaled conflicts, thus transforming from peaceful religious civilization into a violent one. Though gaining various victories at first, challenging such grand powers was proved to be more costly and destructive than the Kingdom's resources at the time. By the time of 9806 PT, the Kingdom of God had gone bankrupt, with most of its small colonial holdings were "confisticated" by grander powers, and the Kingdom itself was deeply divided by those had enough with Western European styled theocracy and those upheld it.

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