Kingdom of Molatrur
Location of Molatrur
Molatrur within Casperum as well as its area in Indand, with the Imperial Region of Lyrasia marked in yellow.
Capital Bronzegate
Government Monarchy
• King
Medius Reed
Currency Coin

The Kingdom of Molatrur (informally Molatrur and unofficially the Empire of Molatrur) is a realm of Indand, bordered by Danynur to the south and Thanini to the west (it is further surrounded by ocean). Molatrur possesses the entirety of the continent of Casperum as well as a large part of Indand, making it the most geographically and demographically diverse realm within the known world. Prior to signing the Indand Agreement in 233 ATW, the Empire of Molatrur's territories encompassed the entirety of both Indand and Casperum, however the Stannister Rebellion saw the Empire split up into nine autonomous realms under the new Empire of Indand. Molatrur has always been ruled by the Reed dynasty, currently under King Medius Reed.

The Black Shield

Main article: The Black Shield

House Reed's militant wing, known as The Black Shield because of their distinct all-black shields and dark gray uniforms, is by far the largest single army within the Kingdom and even the Empire at large. It is estimated that its numbers amount to the sum of all the other Great Houses' armies as well as the Imperial Guard combined. The Black Shield is commanded by Tribune Alexus Reed.