The Kingdom of Pratum is located in the central part of North America. It is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It consists of 19 provinces, each with its own counties, and two special administrative regions. Pratum is in a flat area of the continent, although it does have its mountainous regions.

Because of Native Americans living in this area, it has a unique history and culture. The kingdom was born after conflict with the previous United States. The Lakota, Arapaho and Northern Cheyenne tribes were at war with the United States. Although they could not gain Idaho, they got the territories of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Dakota. Soon they won the war and declared themselves a republic. But after a while they realized that they were accustomed to having a chief. So they instead decided to become a monarchy. Since there was already a chief of state and he didn't want to give up his position of power, they decided that he would become the Prime Minister.

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