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Kingdom of Rangya passport
The front cover of a contemporary Kingdom of Rangya biometric passport
Date first issued January 2006 (biometric passport booklet)
Issued by Kingdom of Rangya
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Rangyan citizens
Expiration 10 years after acquisition for adults aged 20 or over, 5 for ages under 19

The Kingdom of Rangya passport is a travel document issued to the citizens of Rangya to facilitate international travel. It is issued by the Immigration Bureau of Rangya. Only Rangyan citizens can apply for this passport.

The passport is a popular target for counterfeits, due largely to the relatively liberal visa requirements accorded to Rangyan travellers to destinations such as the United States, and the tendency for immigration to clear Rangyan passport holders more quickly. It thus adopted several measures to foil forgers, including utilizing digital photos, multiple laser images and special ink since July 2000, and the biometric passport from January 2006.

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