The Kingdom of Resnais is a small monarchy in North Medonia. It is one of the first post-Hanean nations, dating back to around 49CT.

Kingdom of Resnais
Resnish: Fiör d' Rasnosę
Resnais, Resnish Kingdom
Motto: In reality, the King serves his people
Anthem: '
A regional Map of the land by the KR. Green is Resnais.
National Language(s): Resnish
Demonym: Resnish
Ethnic Groups: Resnish, Paledonian
 - Stïov:
 - King:
Paolin Marece
Beice Renaldö
 - Total:
 - Land:
 - Water:

 - Total Population:

Currency: Resnish Peinś (RSP) (•P)


Resnais is a monarchy led by the Stïov. Despite this, the people hold some power, as the Stïov is required to have a majority confidence in the semi-annual elections.

If less than half of the population votes in favor of keeping the Stïov, a new one is is appointed by the King.


The Stïov holds a generally large amount of power. They can do any action tor wards the nation they wish, unless the action is overridden by a 7/10 vote in the Resnish Console of Deciders.


The King holds a small amount of power, and is mostly symbolic. Their only ability is to appoint a Stïov and various titles of nobility. Even Stïov appointion can be instantly be overridden by the people.

This is due to the Liberation acts passed after the Resnish Civil War.


Resnish Population Graph


Early History

After the collapse of the Hanean Empire in 0 PT, all of North Medonia was severely affected. For a period of 48 years, no government existed anywhere. Slowly leaders stepped up and took pieces of land. In 49CT, Reonald I took a 4000 km piece of land and named it Resnais.

Resnish Civil War

Main Article: Resnish Civil War (Renala)

In the year 243, King Starväld I is coronated. Through acts done through the years, such as the Print Act (which taxed free speech) caused rising tension among the citizen body.

By 251, the King began executing in mass due to his fear of the people of Resnais. Some guards and military refused to continue to be loyal to the King and broke off. They formed the Moralists of Resnais. Those who stayed were called Loyalists.

The civil war broke out in 255. In the war there was major fighting between the Moralists and the Loyalists. The war ended in 261, with the Moralists at victory. They then passed the Liberation acts.

Massive Immigration

From 600 to 900, Argentocracy was on the rise in the UNP. 0ver 10,000,000 left, with a large amount immigrating to Resnais. As a result, the population almost doubled from what it would have been.

Most moved to west coast cities such as Port Regeù or Chareit. Some even founded their own cities with Mostly Paledonian Culture. These cities were called by native-born Resnish Paéltrenes, or Paletowns.

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