Savon kuningaskunta
298 AD
Chieftainship of Savonian tribe
Christianized 1330 AD
Dissolution 1830 AD
Republic of Finland
Monarch See list
Capital Savonlinna

The Kingdom of Savonia was a state in southern parts of Finland, existing from the Late Classical Period to the Industrial Age. First complex society of the Savonian tribe of Finns, it lasted until the revolution of 1830 united Finnish states into a republic.

List of Monarchs

House of Valamo

  • Väinämö I, b. ca. 250 AD, d. 304 AD, reign 298-304 AD
    • primary consort Lempi, daughter of Seppo from Sortavala, b. ca. 270 AD, d. after 304 AD
  • Ilmari I, b. ca. 290 AD, d. 329 AD, reign 304-329 AD, son of precedessor
    • primary consort Hilla, shaman of the Sami in Cajania, b. ca. 280 AD, d. 318 AD
  • Väinämö II, b. 313 AD, d. 400 AD, reign 329-400 AD, son of precedessor
    • primary consort Laimi of Curonia, b. ca. 330 AD, d. 352 AD
  • Väinämö III, b. 371 AD, d. 420 AD, reign 400-420 AD, grandson of precedessor
    • primary consort Suvi of Vuoksi, b. 372 AD, d. 451 AD
  • Suvi, b. 390 AD, d. 449 AD, reign 420-435 AD, daughter of precedessor
    • consort Toivo of Bjarmia, b. 369 AD, d. 422 AD

House of Bjarmia-Kem

  • Ilmari II, b. 415 AD, d. 489 AD, reign 435-489 AD, son of precedessor

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