The Kingdom of Tameros located on the northern half of the continent of Tameria is a confederation of petty kingdoms which interacts in the form of the Tameros confederate system with seven banners flying under the royal flag of Rowan I. Established by the Treaty of Blood, Rowan and his Crimson Knights unified the warring domains of the Theme of Western Tameros, the lands controlled by the Knights, the Green Kingdom, the Orange Kingdom, the Light Teal Kingdom,Oxentine and Purple Kingdom after the War of Tameros, which lasted for more than two years into one government.

Kingdoms inside the system are given heavy leeway and freedom, given the ability to wage war and influence their neighbors at will. While war is seen as common action, territorial gain or loss is rejected in nature by rules set by Rowan after the War of Tameros, which gave rise to the idea of Territorial Equilibrium. Works of miracles and magic are practiced within the Kingdom; while the practice of magic has been around since the existence of the natives of the land, the Crimson Knights turned the actions by the miraculous powers as signs of a single 'deity'.

Within the Kingdoms, economic diversity is product of the confederate system with each kingdom dedicating some type of effort to support a single base economy with several other small industries aiding the central economic push. While agrarian economics are spread across the country, some areas special in the production of lavish fruits and commodities; Oxentine being a prime example.