Seal of the Kingdom of Texas

Kingdom of Texas Project Reconstruction and Management

Pages in Need of Reconstruction

  1. Kingdom of Texas (minor) - Data continuity and adjustments

Pages in Need of Completion

  1. Grand Flatts City, Royal District (top priority)
  2. Jason of Texas
  3. Texan Client Realm
  4. Texas Rangers
  5. BAZAAR (publication) (Will not report news until project completion)
  6. Grand Texas Broadcast Company (WNRNUPC)

Topics in Need of Expansion

  1. Texan government
    1. Officials
    2. Government programs, offices, and agencies
    3. Subdivisions
    4. Foreign affairs
  2. Texan economy
    1. Economic overview
    2. Companies
    3. Industries
    4. Production and protections
  3. Infrastructural programs
    1. Highways
    2. Railways, seaports, and airways
    3. National energy system
    4. Water, sewage, and garbage
  4. Neo-Texan culture
    1. Cultural subdivisions
    2. Daily life
    3. Cultural values and artifacts

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