Kings Hall is a civic building in located New Gloucester. The building currently serves as the capital of the state of Edwardsland in the Republic of Atlion. The building was originaly built by the British to serve as the headquarters of the Colony of Edwardsland in the early 1700's, but was not finished before Atlion became independant. Kings Hall now houses Edwardsland state government, with the Edwardsland State Council convening in the Legislative Wing, while the governors office and staff offices are located in the Staff Wing.


The Interior of Kings Hall is split into two wings, the Legislative Wing located to the Eastside, which houses the State Council in the Council Chambers, and the Staff Wing on the Westside, which houses the governor and deputy governor's offices, along with the government staff. The interior has a number of notable features including The Grand Entrance, The Grand Staircase, The Reception Room and The Great Hall, which is located in the centre of the building. The Great Hall contains portraits of former state governors, and also King Edward IV, who the state of Edwardsland is named after.


The deisgn of Kings Hall is reminiscent of the Old Bailey in London, the building covers an area of one and a half acres, with an enclosed courtyard. The exterior is mainly built from Portland stone, featuring towers at each four corners, with a lantern crowned 173 ft copper dome in the centre. Kings Hall dominates historic Oldparks skyline, and is one of New Gloucester's main landmarks, and as with other historic buildings in the centre, the domes and roofs are tinted green.

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