The King of Nanteos is the head of state of the Kingdom of Nanteos. There have been seven kings to date. The current king of the Kingdom is King William IV.

Current King of Nanteos, King William IV


Birth of the Office

In the early days of the city of Nanteos, It was determined that a knight should take manage the city. Jacob the Painted was made the lord protector and would later be named the first king.

Fawkes Dynasty

King George I was the first and only king of the Fawkes Dynasty. He presided over the new constitutional monarchy and won the kingdom's first war. His only living child at the time of his death was his daughter, who would become Queen Elizabeth. Her husband would become the next king of Nanteos.

Sparrow Family

The Sparrow family is the current ruling dynasty. It began when Sir Jack Sparrow took the throne and became King William II. King William II's term was marked by a growing Nanteon population coupled with foreign affair intrigue. Upon King William II's death, his son King William III would become the second king of Nanteos under the Sparrow Dynasty. King William III took a very active role in foreign affairs. He was known for signing several unpopular treaties and building a treaty network. He presided over the kingdom during the Felate Isles War. The seventh and current king, King William IV, is the third king in the Sparrow Family dynasty. He is currently unmarried and has no children.

Jacob the painted

Drawing of King Marcus I the second king of Nanteos


See page: Royal Proclamation of Unionization

The king has traditionally been in control of all Nanteon foreign policy. However, in recent times since the Simmian Doctrine, this power has been given to the Chancellor of Nanteos. It is unclear whether the king will eventually take back this power or if this is a permanent situation. The king is also the commander in chief of the Nanteon Military. In traditional times, the King directly commanded the troops, but these days the King appoints the Marshall of the Nanteon Military who is the head commander of all troops.


The Nanteon people are very law on etiquette compared to other countries with royalty. The king is supposed to be bowed to upon first meeting him and when leaving his presence. The king when being talked to is always called by his title, your majesty. (ie Hello, your majesty)

All kings of Nanteos have an official title used when signing treaties, military appointments, and other legal documents. For example, the current kings official title is His Majesty King William IV of the House of Sparrow, the great reformer, protector of freedom, lord of Castle Greystone.

List of Kings

King City Born Dynasty
Jacob the Painted Nanteos Powell Family
King Marcus I Nanteos Powell Family
King William I Nanteos Powell Family
King George I Friendship Fawkes Dynasty
King William II Cowe's Nest Sparrow Family
King William III Nanteos Sparrow Family
King William IV Nanteos Sparrow Family

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