The Democracy of Kinsa and Sea Territories
Holon: Hokla Kinsa Kis ena Oraran
Motto: Hokra Taniel (Peace through Power)
and largest city
Official languages Holon
Ethnic groups (517CU)

72% Kinsek
16% Estes
5% Kakas
5% Mashan

2% Other
Demonym Kinsek
Government Democratic Republic with Monarchy
• Si'e (Prime Minister)
Oklen Mas
• Shohan
Elka Noved
Establishment Democracy of Kinsa (Hokla Kinsa Kis)
• Kingdom of Kinsa (Mao Kinsa Kis)
• Estimate
• Census
Currency None
 Kinsa, officially the Democracy of Kinsa and Sea Territories (Holon: Hokla Kinsa Kis ena Oraran), is the most populous, and furthest South of the Kines Nations. It has a population of over 4.3 million, and borders Kakatikira to the North, Makatan and Likatan to the East, and the ocean to the South and West.

It shares the Kines Island, and also has the small islands of Sikla, Orfan, Ria, Mi and Aklan. Aklan is not connected to the mainland via ocean territories, as it is surrounded by the Estes territories.

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