Kirchstadt, sometimes referred to by the English translation Churchtown, and by it's original name of Moore Settlement or Mooretown, is a small village of 453 people in Western St. Andrew's, about 10km from Janestown, on the coast. It is at the mouth of the Dean River. It is known for being the first European settlement in Moore. It was established in January of 1682 by Harold Moore and his crew.


It was established in late January of 1682, about a week after the discovery of the Moore Island, and named Moore Settlement. From 1700 onwards it had a steady population of about 60, some of which were indigenous people. In the 1820s and 1830s the German Linus Fischler organised trade missions to nearby villages, including Janestown. This brought in a wave of new people into the village, and it was renamed Kirchstadt, meaning Church Town.

Currently the village relies on tourism to survive, with attractions including the house of Harold Moore, and the ruins of the church set up by his crew.


Its mostly Christian population of 453 has German, British and Irish origins. While the only language spoken in the village is English, German surnames are quite common.

Of the 453 people, 203 are men, 194 are women and 56 are children.

To this day some of the ancestors of Harold Moore's son Christopher live in the village, although none now hold the surname Moore.

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