Kitsune (Vulpes magnificus), known as Huli jing in China and Gumiho in Korea, are a type of shapeshifting fox living in certain parts of Asia.

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General Information

Eichi - Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese forests and grasslands







Average Lifespan

899 years

Physical Information
Average Height

60 to 90 cm (head to tail)

Average Weight

2 to 7 kg

Skin Colors

Black/Red and gold (rare) fur

Eye Colors

Green, yellow and purple (rare)

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

Shapeshifting, chi usage, foxfire generation

Societal Information
Famous Members

Robin Goodfellow


Kitsune are famous in all the Eurasian region for having exact 899 years lifespans. Kitsune are born with a single tail and are no different from regular foxes until they completes 50 years of age, when they develops the ability of generating a green fire known as foxfire. Every 100 years of life they get a new tail and at 800 years old they become full powered Kyūbi (九尾; nine-tails).

Racial Habilities

Chi Usage

They may use their chi, and most kitsune have knight-level mastery or higher, being extremely rare for one of them to be born a haino. Being chi users, kitsune also have the potential to become gods and many knights, paladins and sages belong to the species.

Foxfire Generation

Kitsune have the ability to generate "foxfire", a specific type of Fire Sagecraft that can burn even souls. Its color may vary, and not all kitsune can use it, but certain individuals from other races may.


Many kitsune may assume a nearly human form. Perfect human-like transformations are very rare, and even the sage Robin Goodfellow can only assume the form of a humanoid fox.

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