The Knightist Ideology, also known as Knightism, or The New Way, was the national ideology of Graham Knight one of the founders of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall in 1972, and the basic prinicples that define the country. 


Graham Knight is the founder of Knightism, of which there are 7 fundamental pillars of the political ideology;

  • Secularism
  • Mild Liberal Socialism
  • Direct Democracy
  • Liberal Populism
  • Liberalism 
  • Civic Nationalism
  • Pacifism

Direct Democracy

Wessex and Cornwall has an inclusive direct democratic system, based on the principles of the people being able to have as much say in the government as possible, if they choose to do. Direct Democracy links to the Populism, as Knight stated he was putting the government back into the hands of the everyman, and that the government was for the people, and by the people.


Religion is made totally separate from the government in Wessex and Cornwall, and no religious political parties are permitted. The Government tries to balance the scales between Religion, however it has been more titled to favouring things that Christianity is against, such as Gay Marriage, which has been legal since the country's fouding. 


Liberalism is the main pillar of Knightism, and Wessex and Cornwall is seen as an extreme radical Far-Leftist country, believing in freedom of choice, expression, speech, sexuality and religion, and high civil liberties. The LGBT community is one of the most recognised in the world, with Gay Marriage legal from 1972, and Hate Crimes against LGBT or Racism treated as a serious offence, and punishable by a fine or short term imprisonment, many Wessex and Cornish politicians state this is the way to an enlightened and tolerant society. 

Civic Nationalism

Graham Knight believed in nationalism without xenophobia and instead, tolerance, acceptance, equality and individual rights. Wessex and Cornwall's Civic Nationalism is most prevalent in Cornwall, where Cornish children are taught both to be proud abotu their country, but also to be tolerant towards others, and non-xenophobic. Knight stated that it was one place where many had gone wrong, such as the United States, where Nationalism and Patriotiscism had led to ignorance and xenophobia.

Liberal Populism

Liberal Socialism


Other Aspects

Retaining Cultural Heritage

Retaining both the Cultural Heritage of Ancient Wessex and the United Kingdom was a top priority in the creation of Wessex and Cornwall, with the retaning of the Ceremonial Monarchy, and Several other Traditions from the United Kingdom, due to its very similar culture. 

Scientific and Technological Advancement

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