—  City  —
Coordinates: Coordinates: 54°43′N 20°31′E
Country Prussia
Founded 1255
 - Mayor Adalbert Otto
Population (2014)
 - Total 932,843
 - Demonym Knigsbergin
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+01:00)
ZIP Code PU-201 — PU-209
Calling codes +384—201 — +384-209

Knigsberge, also known as Twangste or rarely Kunnegsgarbs, is the capital city and, with a population of 932,843, the largest city not only in Prussia but in the Baltic states, too.


Kingdom of Prussia

German period

Russian period

World War I

Interwar period

World War II

Post-war development

The remainder of the 1940s didn't see much development at all. The city experienced only further downfall due to the soviet stooge Martynas Apse who carried out russification and political repressions to the denizens of the city. There were a few improvements, however. A new bridge was built to connect both parts of the city separated by the Prieglija river and new factories were built in the southern neighbourhoods.

In 1949, after the death of the soviet stooge Martynas Apse, the power was taken by the Nacijanalkom (National Communists) under the leadership of Eriks Meiers. In his guidance the growing influx of imigrants, which supported the russification, was largely stopped and diverted to other parts of the Soviet Union. In 1950 joint work was begun to restore the ruins of the old town of Knigsberge.



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