The Known Universe, more colloquially known as the Knowniverse, refers to the region of outer space known to mankind. It is limited to the cluster of five star systems colonised by humans in the 29th century. 

The Known Universe's systems are named after the five East Asian constellations, the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, Yellow Dragon and the Vermilion Bird. Most of the celestial bodies are also named after Gods, Godesses, and Mythical Creatures from Japanese Religion and Folklore. Culture is decdidadly Japanese dominated, Japanese is the lingua franca, traditions eminate from Japanese culture, and Shintoism is the dominant spirituality. 

The planet Benzaiten is the centre of the Known Universe, and the political, economic and cultural capital, and the first planet to be colonised by humans. Apart from Benzaiten, there are a further nine habitable planets, Raijin, Yosuzume, Yuki Onna, Kojin, Daikoku, OinariTohuku and Sujin

Stellar Cartography


StarfireMapoftheKnownUniverse copy

StarfireMapoftheKnownUniversePartII copy

Koryo System

  1. Jurojin
  2. Benzaiten
  3. Sujin
  4. Kasai

Byakko System

  1. Uzume
  2. Raijin
  3. Tohuku
  4. Yuki Onna
  5. Orora
  6. Hachiman

Genbu System

  1. Kojin
  2. Fujin
  3. Yosuzume
  4. Atari
  5. Yokai

Seiryu System 

  1. Izanagi
  2. Oinari
  3. Susano'o
  4. Omoikane
  5. Izanami

Suzaku System

  1. Jizo
  2. Tenjin
  3. Daikoku
  4. Enenra
  5. Mu Onna
  6. Obake
  7. Akaryu


Most planets in the Known Universe are self-governing separate entities, some having much influence over others, and others simply having no organised government at all, in the case of Kojin. Despite planetary independance, the undisputed political superpower in the Known Universe is Benzaiten, the centre of everything, from the economy to politics and culture. Benzaiten was the first planet to be colonised in the 23rd Century, settlers then began to move out to new planets, and Benzaiten briefly became the centre of the short lived Benzaiten Empire, who's member planets soon became independent from the so-called 'mother planet.' 


The undisputable lingua franca of the Known Universe is undoutably Japanese. In some cases it is the only language, having been the strongest to survive Earth's exodus. Along with many other aspects of Japanese culture, the Japanese Language formed the very basis of modern human society. Japanese is the official language on every planet in Known Universe. 

Other than Japanese, few other languages survived Earth's exodus, these include secondary language, English, French, and limited Korean, which is an official language on Oinari. Few other languages are spoken majorly other than limited pockets scattered across the Known Universe retaining some old world languages. 

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