Kobenese Archipelago
Native name: (Kobenese:群岛神户안녕 Aoturu'i Kōhnijji)
Conworldmap location of the Kobenese Archipelago
Location of the Kobenese Archipelago(in pink)
Area 1,435,305.05 km2 (554,174.378 sq mi) (2nd)
Highest point Mount Fiafijivi (7,908 m (25,945 ft))
Largest city  (pop. Olikiu(13,436,457))
Demonym Kobenese(National)
Population 248,192,004 (as of 2011)
Ethnic groups Azueian, Syndaian, Irainian, Suluwese
The Kobenese Archipelago(Kobenese:群岛神户안녕 Aoturu'i Kōhnijji) are a group of island in the mid-east pacific that makes up the nation of Koben. It is composed of 13,453 islands spralled across 40 lines of longitude and 18 lines of latitiude.

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