Kongelige Sjøforsvaret
Royal Kalmar Union Navy
KU Monogram SJF
Coat of Arms of Royal Union Navy.
Founded 1951
Country Kalmar Union
Size 78000 Professional men and women
165 Ships including auxiliary and patrol ships
190 Landing crafts
240 Combat Boats
184 Aircraft of the Fleet Air Wing
Part of Forsvaret
KoSJF Admiral Niels Throndsen
Frederik II

Kongelige Sjøforsvaret av Kalmarunionen (Royal Navy of Kalmar Union), often abbreviated as Sjøforsvaret, is the branch of Forsvaret responsible for naval operations. The navy also includes the Kystvakt (Coast Guard) wich is not a separate entity and is a branch inside the navy.

Sjøforsvaret vessels are given the ship prefix "KKS", short for "Kongelige Kalmarunionen Skip (Royal Kalmarunionen Ship).

Current Role

The current role of Sjøforsvaret is to protect Kalmar Union interests at home and abroad, executing the foreign and defence policies of His Majesty's Government through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities and other activities in support of these objectives. These objectives are delivered via a number of core capabilities:

  • Provision of at least three medium scale maritime task groups with organic air assets.
  • Delivery of SJF Marineinfanteriet force.
  • Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.
  • Provision of Mine Counter Measures capability to Kalmar Union and allied commitments.
  • Provision of Hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide.
  • Protection of Kalmar Union Exclusive Economic Zone.


Since the formation of the Union, the military has been undergoing a process of integration and modernization not only in equipment but also in their structure and organization. In this process Sjøforsvaret has now a simple and effective organization that has an impact on improved effectiveness.

The major operational command is Sjøforsvaret Hovedkvarter (Navy Headquarters). It is located at Haakonsvern Orlogsstasjon, in Bergen municipality and all the Sjøforsvaret units are under its command.

The Sjøforsvaret is structured as follows:

  • SJF Flåte (Sjøforsvaret Fleet)
  • SJF Undervannsbåtvåpenet (Sjøforsvaret Submarine Weapon)
  • SJF Luftvåpenet (Sjøforsvaret Air Wing)
  • SJF Marineinfanteriet (Sjøforsvaret Marine Infantry)
  • SJF Taktisk Båtskvadron (Sjøforsvaret Tactical Boat Squadron)
  • SJF Skoler (Sjøforsvaret Schools)
  • SJF Kystvakt (Sjøforsvaret Coast Guard)


SJF Flåte (Fleet)

SJF Undervannsbåtvåpenet (Submarine Weapon)

SJF Luftvåpenet (Air Wing)

SJF Marineinfanteriet

  • 1st Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 1st Marine Infantry Arctic Battalion
  • 2nd Marine Infantry Arctic Battalion
  • Marine Infantry Special Operations Company

SJF Taktisk Båtskvadron (Tactical Boat Squadron)

SJF Skoler (Schools)

SJF Kystvakt (Coast Guard)