KoreanSat is an space program developed by the Korean Government and the Korean Aeronautical Program, that began back in 2008 following the Second Korean War. The purpose of the program is to put a advance satellite system into space to repair the aging and outdated GPS system; KoreanSat is also meant for better communcation between cities and the armed forces, as well as providing pictures of secure locations in opposing countries. The first satellite was launched on May 1 in 2012, and plans for an second launch in September has been approved by the Isuel Administration.



GKR 1 (offically known as Greater Korean One) was the first satellite launched by the Korean Aeronautical Program and marked the beginning of KoreanSat. GKR weighed in at approximately 300 kg and carried three devices:

  • Anti-jamming equipment
  • Automatic updating processors


GKR 2 (officially known as Greater Korean Two) will be the second satellite to be launched by the Korean Aeronautical Program and will be equipped with both anti-jamming equipment as GKR 1, and an camera produced by Yamaha, Mitubishi, LG, Sony, Hyundai, Toyota, and Samsung to take high-resolution and infared pictures of places on the ground and in space. Here's the confirmed parts of the satellite:

  • Anti-jamming equipment
  • Infared and High-Resolution Camera produced by The Big Seven.

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