Korean News Today
Owned by Greater Korean Republic Government
Slogan 'News from Asia and the World'
Country Greater Korean Republic
Language Korean and Japanese
Broadcast area Asia
Headquarters Seoul
Sister channel(s) KNT Englis

KNT World

Korean News Today or KNT is a television station based out of the Greater Korean Republic, and was created to inform the people of the Greater Korean Republic of the news from home and abroad. KNT is the largest news channel in the Greater Korean Republic, and also operates a single radio station. KNT began broadcasting in 2012.



  • July 10: Two Korean Border Patrol Agents engaged an squad of soldiers from the People's Liberation Army, killing four Chinese and one Korean. The incident was followed by intense scanning for more possible Chinese soldiers on Korean soil.
  • July 11: The Korean Government has imposed strict immigration quarters, effectively closing its border to Chinese refugees. Secretary of States Li Yong said in an press statement: "It is unfortunate that matters have come down to closing the border with China, but th recent firefight coupled up with ethnic tensions in the northern parts of Korea has led to this descision."
  • July 15: The Greater Korean Army is being mobilized to help stop illegal crossing and immigration into the Greater Korean Republic. Fears of war loom between the two great countries, and it has been confirmed that the Greater Korean Republic will not bow to the "superpower" of China.
  • July 17: Tensions continue between China and the GKR, and large amounts of military forces are placed along the border.
  • July 24: The Greater Korean 1st and 2nd Fleet has set up an blockade across China's major ports, stating that if China can't control its people, the GKR will step in.
  • July 30: BREAKING NEWS: China has declared war on the Greater Korean Republic. The Sino-Korean War has begun.

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