Kota Kinabultu
Ivenajicitta Kinabalta-Kotte
—  Autonomous City  —
Autonomous City of Kota Kinabultu
Named for Mount Kinabultu
 - Type Government-Controlled Autonomous City-State
Population (2010)
 - Autonomous City 7,000,128
 - Urban 13,074,508
 - Metro 14,094,569
Population rank 2
 - Demonym Kottian, Kinabultan, Kinabultian

Kota Kinabultu, officially the Autonomus City of Kota Kinabultu(Nadau:Ivenajicitta Kinabalta-Kotte), is the national capital of Nadu and the second largest city and metro area in Nadu(after Puching). It i located on the central coast of the South China Sea. Kotta Kinabultu has 7.0001 million people in its city proper area and 14 million in the metropolitan area.

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