Zatra II Rocket before launch in 2010
Agency overview
Formed 1973
Headquarters Kozmos Haus, Brikkstӧ, Westland
Employees 12,000
Annual budget $90.5 Million
Agency executives Kaska Ekkelmann, First Chief Officer
Klӧ Fisha, Second Chief Officer
Parent agency Science and Technologies Ministry

Kozmos (Westlandic: Kozшoи) also styled as KOZШOИ is the government agency responsible for the Westlandic civil space program. Kozmos' primary objective is for the progression of space technologies and transport for the betterment of national society and humankind, and to also develop and research technologies for the survival of the human race in space habitation as a last resort. For a nation of its size, Westland's space program is remarkably ambitious, however the United States has stated it is wary of Westland's developments in space technology. 

Kozmos was first established in the 1970's, following the Space Race during the Cold War, with some collaboration with the Soviet Union's space program in the initial years. The first space launch of Westland was in 1982 with the first of the Zatra rocket family, the Zatra 1, which is still in use today from the Burkösson Kozmodröm. The first launch of a satellite occured in 1983, which was the first of the VaZat Program, which were predominantly communications satellites. The real feat of Westlandic space exploration was the first manned spaceflight, using the Matra Rocket Family in 1990, which transported three Westlandic kozmonauts into Low Earth Orbit for several hours. The manned rocket was launched from Vinland. Since 1990, Kozmos has been working towards sending a planetary probe to Venus by 2019 under the Venuz Program.

Kozmos' main facilities include its headquarters and main research centre in the Westlandic capital, Brikkstö, and its space launch centre, Burkösson Kozmodröm in the overseas Westlandic territory of Vinland



Kozmos has three primary facilities, that being the agency's central headquarters, located in Vikunӧ in Mainland Westland which opened in 1975. In addition to the orgranisation's headquarters, it operates a space-launch facility, known in Westlandic as a 'Kozmodröm,' [[Burkӧsson Kozmodrӧm]] in the unincorporated territory of Vinland in North America. 

Projects and Missions

Launch Vehicles

Launch Vehicle Family Type First Flight Status
Zatra I Zatra Satellite Launch 1981 Retired
Zatra II Zatra Satellite Launch 1983 Active
Zatra III Zatra Satellite Launch 1983 Active
Zatra IV Zatra Satellite Launch 2011 In development
Matra I Matra Manned Capsule 1987 Retired
Matra II Matra Manned Capsule 1997 Active


Date Flight Type Mission