Kraken or Lusca (Enteroctopus gigas), known as Kanaloa in Hawaii and Akkorokamui in Japan, are a type of giant octopus living in the Caribbean sea.

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General Information

Eichi - Caribbean Sea





Average Lifespan

Over 50 years

Physical Information
Average Height

4700 cm

Average Weight

5000 kg

Skin Colors

From purple to red

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Societal Information


Kraken are Caribbean enteroctopuses (giant octopuses) famous for their ability to sink large ships. Kraken are extremely rare animals, with an estimated population of less than 100 individuals. They once inhabited all of the North Pacific Ocean and the Philipine Sea as well, but in 1873, the governments of Japan (known as Nippon at the time), China and Caribbean Republic started hunting them down so they could travel peacefully through the areas, and in 1935, the Hawaiian government (to whom Kanaloa were considered sacred) convinced the Caribbeans to stop hunting them down.

They were considered to be extinct until 1987 when Captain Lionel Cayman and his crew narrowly escaped having their ship sinked by a large Kraken after the explorers left George Town.

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