City of Krasnóyakara
Krasnóyakara Location
Region. North-West Region
Province. Krasnóyakara Province
Inhabited since. 1701
 - Total

299,8 km²
 - 2007 census
 - Density

1.410,6/km² (2007)
Postal code 1001-1015

Krasnóyakara is the capital of the Kara Republiik, at the same time is the capital of the Krasnóyakara Province and is the capital of the North-West Region. In 2007 census has 98.715 inhabitants and her district have 299,8 km².

Krasnóyakara, formerly known as Krasnov, is a city and the administrative center of Krasnóyakara Province, and Kara Republiik. It lies on both banks of the Pyasina River near its exit into the Kara Sea in the north of North-West Region. The city spreads for over 40 kilometers (25 mi) along the banks of the river and numerous islands of its delta. Krasnóyakara was the chief seaport of medieval Kara. It is served by Mys-vkhodnoy airport and the smaller.


This city was founded in 1701 by a Nenets tribe.

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