The Kruz Islands are divided into 3 Administrative Levels.

States and Federal Territory

Kruz Islands States Map

Map of the Kruz islands

The country is divided in 4 states and 1 Federal Territory :

- Federal Territory

- Major Island (State)

- Western Barnava

- Eastern Barnava

- Little Kruz Island

Each state is ruled by an elected Secretary of state whilst the Federal Territory has an appointed Governor.

Each state has it's own parliament : the State Assembly.


The Kruz Islands are also divided into 15 counties. Each county has an elected Chief Executive and a County Council.

Municipalities and Constituencies

Kruz Islands Counties Map

the 123 Municipalities

Each state is divided in Municipalities. Municipalities are a town with the surrounding villages. Each municipalities correspond to High Council Constituencies. There are 123 municipalities but the Federal Territory it's at the same time an municipality.


The Special Municipality of Honga City is divided in 7 districts which are also Parliament Constituencies.

The Federal Territory is also divided in districts, in 10 districts.

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