Ksenia Brulemo
Ksenia Brulemo
Ksenia Brulemo presidential portrait
9th President of Bijan
Assumed office
October 1, 2011
Prime Minister Ludoviko Reto
Preceded by Andreo Marŝanto
Personal details
BornMay 31, 1957 (age 56)
Stolen Tree, Bijan
Political partyNone
Spouse(s)Timoteo Brulemo (m. 1988)

Ksenia Orabela Brulemo (née Fjodoro; born May 31, 1957), is a Bijani educator, artist, and children's author, who is the 9th and current President of Bijan, serving since October 1, 2011. She is the second female President of Bijan, and also the second President to not have had a career in politics or government prior to her election.

Early life

Ksenia Orabela Fjodoro was born into an upper-middle class family in Stolen Tree, on May 31, 1957.  Her father was Maksimo Fjodoro (1923–2002), who worked for the National Bank of Bijan, and her mother is Kristina Krizaldo (b. 1926), a renowned Bijani stage actress and later radio and television presenter.  She was the youngest of four children in a family with one son and three daughters.  The young Ksenia was educated in local schools until age twelve, at which point she was enrolled in the National Girls' Lyceum in Hadar, a top-rated privately-funded girls' boarding school.  Upon her graduation from the Lyceum in 1975, she enrolled in the Bijani National University, where she studied art history and literature.

Author and artist career

After leaving university, she worked for a number of book publishers in the capital, and contributed weekly and semi-weekly columns to various national and local periodicals.  It was one of these columns, entitled Naskiĝu Infanoj (literally "Let the Children be Born," but more poetically translated as "May You Blossom, Children"), that first attracted interest in her transitioning from publisher and editor to author.  Her first children's book, 1981's Noktaj Fabeloj ("Nighttime Fairytales"), was a hit in Bijan, and has been translated into sixteen languages.  Her debut was followed by best-sellers La Magia Monto ("The Magic Mountain") and Fraŭlino Ŝarlena Venas Hejmen ("Miss Charlene Comes Home") in 1983 and 1984, respectively.  The latter of which proved to be immensely popular amongst Bijani girls, and inspired a series of sequels, including 1986's Fraŭlino Ŝarlena ĉe la Kotiljono ("Miss Charlene at the Cotillion"), 1988's Fraŭlino Ŝarlena kaj la Sekreta Arbaro ("Miss Charlene and the Secret Forest"), and 1989's La Lasta Aventuro de Fraŭlino Ŝarlena ("The Last Adventure of Miss Charlene").  The success of her books, particularly the Miss Charlene series, made Ksenia Brulemo a household name.


Personal life

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