[OOC] Please note, this nation is loosely based on the Hurian Federation.
Kubwa Dola
Flag of Kubwa Dola
Location of Kubwa Dola
Capital Serikali Mtaji
Largest city Kinshasa
Government Single-party authoritarian dictatorship
• President
Solomon Mobutu (first)
Patrick Tshombe Mobutu (last)

Kubwa Dola (Swahili for "Great Empire") was the name of the former African empire that existed between 27 October 1965 and 17 May 1997. It is currently made up of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and the northern countries of the Southern African Confederacy. It was founded by the Solomon Mobutu at the end of the Congo Crisis, and became one of history's most notable authoritarian regimes, regularly classified with the former Soviet Union and the German Third Reich. The existence of the Empire came to a sudden halt when then-President Patrick Tshombe Mobutu disbanded the realm on 17 May 1997. The reasons for his actions are still debated today, as Mobutu was finally killed on 19 May 1997 by disgruntled imperialist-loyalists.