Kutengwa Artic Base Alpha (formerly Area Q Air & Naval Testing Ground) is a military base under the control of the Hurian Federation, purchased from the government of Quebec in October of 2012, following the destruction of the Union of Everett.


Without a government to maintain the base, the Hurian government moved into pay off a number of debts accumlated by the Quebecian government, left on them with the loss of Everett's coffers. The Hurian government sent a delegation to Montreal to consult with the government there the possibility of purchasing the post-Everetti bases, and aiding them in relieving a portion of their debt by way of the purchase.


The Hurian government sent the Crimson Fleet to escort Foreign Minister Tanisha Numa to Quebec to greet the leader of the state, and discuss the purchase. The Montreal government was delighted to recieve an undisclosed amount of money paying for a series of debts and allowing the state to develop without the overbearing external debt. The Quebecians wished to keep the advanced technology to themselves, Numa stated that that was not going to happen. Death threats to the people of Quebec (privately though), and faced with annihilation as Numa put it clearly, Huria would get the technology, and Quebec's aid would be slashed by 20%. Hurian troops from the Vazaha Legion were immediately dispatched to the rebranded "Kutengwa Artic Base" (kutengwa Swahili for "isolation"). It was the second military based gained from Quebec, and was given "beta" to denote its status.

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