Kyle Eichmann Martin
Kyle Martin
Official portrait
1st Secretary of State of the Andrean Republic of America
Assumed office
June 27, 2005
Personal details
BornDecember 8, 1919 (age 93)
Wenatchee, Cascadia

Kyle Eichmann Martin is the Andrean Secretary of State, and officially, the nation's oldest politican, having been born on December 8, 1919. He has been active in Andrean politics since its formation in 2005, and is regarded rather warmly, as the "Old Man of the Republic". Noted for his wisdom, and his outspoken personality during times of indecision, Martin is viewed as an asset the Republic will need to use before his days are up.


Personal Beliefs


Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights NO "I was born and raised a Christian. And I gonna die one too. It would be against my better self to violate the Bible's teachings."
Gay Marriage NO "I ain't fine with it. They can have themselves some civil unions, but marriage is between one man and one woman. Nothing gonna change my views on that!"
Abortion NO "God said he saw David in the womb of his momma's belly. If God sees a unborn baby as a human being, so should we."
Death Penalty YES "I feel that if you did the crime, you gotta pay the price in full. And I ain't talking no soft jail time."
Torture Methods Partial "Well, it can be used for good at times. But in others, it can be abused. And why's a civilized nation like ourselves using torture anyways?"
Stem Cell Research Partial "I ain't to fond of them stem cells ya'll been talking about. But I ain't gonna rule it out if I can get another four or five years out of it."
Weapons of Mass Destruction NO "I saw what them things could do at Hiroshima. We too civilized for that bull."
Radioactive Weapons NO "When I walked through Hiroshima, I saw what them weapons can do to the body. It ain't pretty, and them weapons shouldn't exist."
Biological Weapons NO "For the same reason I hate nukes, I hate them bio thingies. I don't wanna see my nations kill on that level. I don't wanna see it killing at all."
Chemical Weapons NO "I've been reading about that anthrax stuff. I hate it, and them things ain't got the right to be in the hands of our military forces.."
Equal Rights Partial "I'm not to sure about that. I feel that everybody got the right to certain things. But some should just be denied on the grounds that they could be planning something foolish if ya ask me."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty YES "I was born and raised to believe that that's how our justice system works. I ain't gonna change my views yet."
Assisted Suicide NO "I hate murder. Condoned or not."
Criminal Rights NO "You ain't got no rights once you gone off and killed innocent folk."
Foreign Interference Partial "Sometimes it takes a good nation to move in and help out the weak folk being oppressed. But sometimes it takes a better nation to know when to mind its own."
Gun Rights YES "I was raised in the mountains. My people lived and died by the gun. That ain't gonna stop no time soon."
Self Defense Rights YES "I got a whole gun collection at home. And I plan to use them. If you tryin' pull some on me, I gonna put ya down."
Freedom of Speech YES "If you got some ta say, say it. I ain't gonna hold it against ya too."
Freedom of Expression Partial "I don't wanna see ya dancing around my house naked. I saw enough a that in the '70s."
Freedom of Religion YES "Don't manner what God ya got. If serving him makes ya happy and gives ya purpose, then you got a right to choose him."
Freedom of Choice YES "This is America. I was taught that you can come here and be whatever ya wanna be. I chose to by a politican, and I did."
Freedom of Press YES "I like them tabloids. They make for some good readin' in the winter."
Right To Protest/Assemble YES "We would be seatin' in Vietnam if it wasn't for them young folks who made a stand against it. If you feel your voice is being silented, make some noise!"
Right To Privacy YES "A man's home is his castle. That was true when I was a little thing, and I want that to remain true when I'm gone."

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