Kyrta Sêartocaga
Eqêrnea of Aratkom
Assumed office
42 Oparlyr 1872
Preceded by Qiçpyr Lautara
Aratkoma-izyrana of Sulzak
In office
1 Zangolyr 1864 – 46 Farcelyr 1869
Succeeded by Ñlaca Hégrêš
Personal details
Born17 Zangolyr 1837
Sêrtolyk, Aratkom

Kyrta Sêartocaga (Sêrtolyk, 17 Zangolyr 1837[1]) is the current president (Eqêrnea) of Aratkom. He got elected for the Nealçok in 1869, and became Eqêrnea in 1872.


Sêartocaga was born and grew up in Sêrtolyk. He studied at the University of Sêrtolyk and after his study he moved to Sulzak, where he started his career as politician. He was the Aratkoma-izyrana from 1864 to 1869. After his period as Aratkoma-izyrana he moved back to Aratkom, where he continued his political career and got elected for the Nealçok just a few months later. He was a very popular member, and when Qiçpyr Lautara, the Eqêrnea of that time, suddenly died, he became the new Eqêrnea, supported by a vast majority.


  1. Another calendar is used in Aratkom. The current year in that calendar is 1874.

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