LGBT rights in the United Republic
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Same-sex activity allowed by law
Varied by states and territories
Gender identity/expression Allowed
Recognition of
Permitted in 2011*
Adoption Allowed since 2002
Military service Don't ask, don't tell
Discrimination protections Sexual Orientation Protection

LGBT Rights have been greatly debate among citizens of the United Republic, mostly divided by location. States towards the north, such as New York or Ontario, have been in favor, while states in the south, such as South Carolina or Alabama, have been opposed. Same-sex marriage is permitted, however it is left up to the host of the proposed marriage. The Marriage Act of 2011 soon called for the government to "not pass any law encouraging or prohibiting any form of marriage between two partners" and to "allow the decision of the marriage be chosen by the host". For example, a church has the right to either allow or deny a same-sex couple marriage within their church. This would be protected under Article I of the Bill of Rights in the United Republic Constitution


Same-sex Marriage

Military Service