LG Digitale
Type Corporation
Founded Bristol, Avonshire, Wessex
(19th February 1991)
Headquarters Bristol, Avonshire, Wessex
Area served Wessex
Key people Dafid Riþsson
Industry Telecommunications
Products Satellite Television, Broadband Internet, Landline Telephony
Employees 19,000 (2013 est.)
Website www.lgdigitale.wx
LG Digitale is a subsidiary of Wessen multination telecommuncations company, Leodna Telegefereccan that provides fixed subscription satellite television, broadband internet and landline telephony for domestic consumer use in Wessex. It is the largest television and broadband subscriber service in country, headquartered in Reading, Barkshire. LG Digitale was created in 1991, by parent company Leodna Telegefereccan


Satellite Television

LG Digitale is the second largest provider of subsricber Satellite Television in Wessex after Sky Wessex. LG Digitale's service is recieved by a minidish mounted above the building and connected to the television by the Digitale Set Top Box, with the initial dish and set top box instillation cost of ¥60. Additionally, the standard package for television begins at ¥37 a month. 


The channels that make up the LG Digitale package are broadcast from the Astra Satellite at 19.2°E. Currently the standard LG Digitale package consists of XX channels, which extra channels and packages can be purchased, starting at ¥2.

No. Name Package  
101 Wessex 1 Standard
102 Wessex 2 Standard
103 Wessex 3 Standard
104 Cyannal Fora Standard
105 Cyannal Fif Standard
106 Middan  Standard
107 Comedie 24 Standard
108 Kernow En Tele Standard
109 Cyannal Fora+1 Standard
110 4U Standard
111 4U+1 Standard
112 4Filme Standard
113 Sine TV Standard
114 MTV Wessex Musik
115 Avalon Musik Musik
116 Wessex 24 Standard
117 Witanegmot Cyannal Standard
118 BBC World News Standard
119 BBC World Standard
120 NHK World Standard
121 CCTV News Standard
122 Wessex Ganleodna Standard
123 Wessex Sportes  Standard
124 Wessex HD HD
125 Cyannal Fora HD HD
126 Setanata Sports Wessex Sports
127 LG Sportes 1 Sports
128 LG Sportes 2 Sports
129 Intersportes Sports
130 Wessex Jr Standard
131 Cartoon Network  Kids
132 Nickelodeon Kids
133 Star TV Asia Standard
134 ZeeTV Standard

Broadband Internet

Landline Telephony

2013 Advertising Campaign

In 2013, LG Digitale, along with the rest of its parent company and subsidiaries underwent rebranding, including the launch of an entirely new television advertisement campaign. The new series of adverts, which began broadcasting on commercial television channels in Wessex in April 2013 feature a typical Wessen family living in Bristol, with the addition of a talking Golden Retriever, which gives advice to the family referring to Television, Broadband and Landline phone services and how to save money. The campaign follows the family through separate stages of life and the need for services provided by LG Digitale. The campaign features the tune of 'Mother We Share' by Scottish band 'Chvrches,' as the general theme tune.