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Capital city of Holy Cross
Lagya Capital Flag.png
Lagya Official Shield.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Semper liberi
Countries FlagofholycrossHoly Cross
ConlangLatia Cross
Capital City Lagya
Capital since 2035AB
Area code(s) (+422)039

Lagya is the biggest and most populous city of Holy Cross. It's also the site of Holy Cross, where you can buy the most valuable houses - houses here worths about 1.813.000SKD , which is ab. 2.590.000EUR).

Main street here is Palatium Street.

Public Transport Lagya

Pic.1:Public transport in Lagya


Lagya was founded when the polish settlers arrived from Poland in 2035AB . From the beggining of existence of the colony, the settlers knew that It should be their capital.

The city was growing, merchants had been going there from all over the world and they were selling their goods.

In 2047AB, Prince Michael | Ginger ordered the construction of MJStudios HQ in the city.

Earlier MJStudios was a small company, then now it's a big, well developing bussiness tycoon and te biggest investor in Holy Cross.

Public transport

The city has got a metro (2 metro lines) and 2 main bus lines (Picture 1:Public transport in Lagya) and a huge Stadium. The metro is marked on red (light 'n dark) and the bus lines are marked on blue (light 'n dark too).

Lagya is the most revenue city in Holy Cross.

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