The Lakhang Culture was a civilization present on the Archipelago during the 6th until the 16th century in the actual country of the Ponant. It is known to be one of the most advanced cultures of all the Pacific.

At that times, that civilization occupied the Lakhang river in the Southern area of the Main Island of the Lemuria Archipelago, corresponding to the southeast, the south and the center region.

Unlike other civilizations in the Pacific, this civilization knew the use of writing, the paper is unknown, the writing medium was mainly wooden boards that were attached together to form a book. Thus, tens of thousands of books have survived.

Lakhang Culture

Le Lakhang culture appeared in the valley of the river of the same name in the year 500 AD. More exactly, in 482 AD, because the oldest document found which was written in the Lakhang script has been dated at this year. The capital at that time is located in the actual city of Kemeo 300 km west of Fenizo Nova. Which was at that time called Huntingmanantzina ("the place where the two river become one"). The main spoken language was the Aka language ; which was not written ("Pilau" language) and spoken ("Pakipaki" language) in the same way.

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